Foot fetish DUEX blackmail sniff

  • 15:15 minutes

Sissy Vicki request Princess to pay a visit at his job (while him being a man) and threaten to reveal to his co'workers that he is 1 of my personal ebony foot fetish inhaling bitch. April the secretary steps outside for a quick 15 min break while this stunning evil vixen calls him on the phone and tells him I'm right behind his office. In his state of shock he begs for mercy as I proceed to let him know Im about to step in and force him to sniff these stinky pumps I've been wearing all day. Next I strip him of his office attire then proceed to put these funky nylons on his legs then make him put his suit back on. I look him directly in the face with these dark onyx eyes "now look here bitch, I expect you to keep these nylons on all day until you get home. Before making love to your wife, you are forced to sniff my stinky feet in order to keep your little cock hard while thinking about me. Next your dirty ass will be pimped out by sucking cock for cash, MY CASH!" *snap finger* get to fucking work! or else I will tell your entire community your sissy name, your sissy events and your black foot mistress ME. Your reputation is FUCKED!

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