Forced sock sniffing

  • 6:23 Minuten

Here you have a wonderful combination of giantess upskirt peeping while watching Princess Simone bust your balls with her sharp and tall skyscraper fetish pumps by popping colorful balloons with them. Sexy knee high socks to go with my bratty princess theme and then the final best part is saved for you foot freaks. You are forced to sniff my sweaty stinky pungent odor feet as I slowly take them out of my high heels and bring them up close to the camera. Look strait though my socks and see how I spread my beautiful toes in them. Finally I take a sock off after you got my full foot scent up you nose and watch me slide babyoil on my ebony soles!

Schlagworte: ebony, socks, foot, feet, footworhsip
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