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Foot Sniffing at the office

  • 14:30 Minuten

Business lady Simone is in the mood to do some disturbing foot punishment to cross dresser Viki, the loser bitch who disguises himself as a fem-freak behind closed doors. I know all about his secrets of ebony woman's feet sniffing and decided to walk into his office as I throw my sexy size 9 foot on his desk. At first he is shocked to see such boldness as I tell him to cut the bullshit and observe. I order him to sniff my sweaty pumps and then proceed cram my entire smelly foot aggressively on this face, bashing his nose with it. I tell him that in order for his dick to stay hard while making love to his wife he needs to sniff my nylons every 15 minutes since I know he has a fascination for beautiful ebony women soles. Not only do I reveal to him that he's a wimpy foot-bitch, but I also know he enjoys dressing like a fag and sucking cock for dominant ethnic women. As I break him down beneath these gorgeous soles, he agrees to wear my nylons under his manly work clothes and sniff them endlessly while deceiving his loser wife.

Schlagworte: ebony, footsmelling, soles, toes
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